I have to have fast Wi-Fi connection because of the work I do from my house and tons of wireless devices my family uses. About a year and half ago I needed to move my office on the opposite side of the house from where I had my cable modem. I understand that wireless range is basically a sphere but positioning my router in the middle of the house was simply not an option. I tried power line transmitters but they were simply unreliable. So I’ve got Linksys gigabit router EA6500 and Linksys gigabit bridge WUMC710.
I am not complaining about the bridge. I know that many people had an issue with connection being unstable, I had it too. I’ve solved it by getting the best possible percentage for the signal by changing location and checking the signal strength. Luckily the setup page of WUMC710 displays is quite accurately, so running 28% or above was stable enough.

The other problem was still the range, especially at 5 GHz. So I tried to upgrade my router’s firmware. Went to the website, selected my brand – EA6500, downloaded the file, went to the menu of the router, selected install, and … now I have a brick with a blinking CISCO light.
I consider myself computer literate person, so tried quite a range of methods to make it work, and I do not mean with new version of firmware, but just simple come back to life and issue an IP address. I tried Hard Reset (aka 30/30/30 reset), tried tftp, but it only works if you can ping the router, and I can’t. I even tried throwing it in the freezer for half an hour, even though it sounds like a hoax. Nothing worked. So called Linksys tech support, explained the problem, and they basically told me what I’ve suspected they would say: year and half since I’ve bought the damn thing so I am out of luck. But the reason it happened was because I had to select Version 1 from the dropdown when downloading the firmware, because by default it is version 2:

Seriously? I mean, who pays attention to that? I have not even noticed it at the top of the screen.
Ok, but let’s set poor UI design aside and let’s say I did make a mistake. What is that reset button for? It seems to me that the whole idea of the reset button so that you can reset, go back, and start over.
So I’ve replaced that router with Netgear AC1450. The signal strength is pretty good. That snapshot of my bridge setup screen with 70% was done after I’ve installed it, before it was between 28% and 32% over the exact same distance.
And, next time I am buying network equipment it won’t be Linksys – Hell No.