Can you be a messy person and still be a good programmer? How does your office look? What about your desk? Is it all organized where every pencil, every piece of paper is in the right spot? Your laptop is all clean or do you have soda spots all over your keyboard? This is certainly very disturbing to look at, but is being organized as a person really translates in cleaner more efficient code or better design?



I certainly do not pretend to be Mr. Clean, sometimes I have papers everywhere. I do eat breakfast at times while reading my email in the morning. I definitely tend get distracted more often when my desk is messy, so when I get to that point, usually after I get stuck with some coding problem, I start thoroughly clean my workspace, just like I would refactor a messy code.

So in my opinion there is a correlation. It might not be a 100% match, but I think organized people tend to create cleaner and more organized code. Or am I totally wrong?